About Us

People of Asian ethnicity form a significant proportion of Auckland’s population, yet we often lack visibility and representation in the LGBTIQ+ community.

Seeking to fill this gap, EquAsian is a new social-support group for LGBTIQ+ people of all ages who descend from all parts of the Asian region. In a nutshell, EquAsian’s philosophy is ‘equal and Asian’.

Our Aim

Our main aim is to provide a safe, fun and inclusive community for LGBTIQ+ Asians to socialize and support one another.

Our Goals

new-members-davidOur long-term aim is to raise the profile of LGBTIQ+ Asians and to advocate for our needs within both the LGBTIQ+ community and the Asian community.

Our more specific objectives for 2017 are to:

  1. Continue growing our membership via monthly social activities.
  2. Reach out to greater numbers of LGBTIQ+ Asians through social media.
  3. Continue publicizing EquAsian in LGBTIQ+, Asian and mainstream media.
  4. Establish a presence at both LGBTIQ+ and Asian community events.

Humble Beginnings

big-gay-out-trioEquAsian emerged out of Pride Festival 2014 during a community meeting about the experiences of Asian people in the LGBTIQ+ community in Auckland.

Participants at this meeting voiced the challenges they faced as a doubly marginalized ‘minority within a minority’ in the rainbow community.

This meeting directly led to the establishment of EquAsian.