A few of the most frequently (and some infrequently) asked questions about EquAsian.

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What does LGBTIQ+ mean?

equasian-membersThe term LGBTIQ literally stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Interex, and Queer or Questioning, but EquAsian is open to all people who identify with a sexual orientation or gender minority.

You might also see the term ‘Rainbow’ used which generally means the same thing.

Sometimes you will see the word ‘Queer’ used. Queer is a reclaimed word which sometimes has negative connotations. Some people prefer to use this word. The more you know!

What Kind of Things Do You Do?

Our team is always here to help.
Our team is always here to help.

We plan fun social events in and around Auckland for the Asian LGBTIQ+ community.

Most of our events are free, and anyone is welcome to join. There is no formal way to sign up as a member but you are encouraged to join our Facebook group and join our newsletter. Newbies are always welcome and we like meeting new people.

Check out our events page for more info on what events are coming soon, plus a look at our past events.

What Sort of People Can Join?

big-gay-out-trioAsian people make up a significant portion of Auckland’s population. EquAsian is for anyone who identifies as Asian and LGBTIQ+.

Whether you have Russian ancestry, were born in Iran, have lived in China, or have a different connection to Asia, you will find EquAsian a welcome place.