Safety Policy

EquAsian is a safe space for people of marginalized genders and sexualities (LGBTIQ/rainbow) who identify as Asian.

These guidelines mostly relate to EquAsian’s Facebook group, where a lot of discussion and community involvement takes place. Please read upon joining.

We ask that non-LGBTIQ allies to like our public Facebook page if they want to keep updated about our activities, rather than joining the private page in order to maintain this safe space. Posts, comments, group membership and group guideline enforcement are all subject to administrator discretion.

General Courtesy

  1. Please be polite and considerate when conversing with others.
  2. This is NOT a ‘cruising’ or ‘hookup’ space dedicated to finding a date or sexual partner. Such posts will be removed.


Big Gay Out 2015
Big Gay Out 2015
  1. Our Facebook Group group is a closed group. People outside the group cannot see posts made within the group. Posts made here may be made on the assumption that their content will not be distributed outside this safe space. What happens within the group stays within the group.
  2. Do not post content quoted or screenshotted from material that is not public and that you do not have permission to share. This includes screenshots of non-public Facebook posts or Grindr profiles, and is especially important where the identity of the person(s) involved has not been obscured.


Our members
Our members
  1. This is a safe space. As such, personal attacks will not be tolerated, especially where they contain slurs.
  2. No misogyny, racism, transphobia or ableism (discrimination against disabled people) will be tolerated. The same goes for judgemental comments on somebody’s physical appearance or intellectual ability that serve no purpose.
  3. Racism is a systemic problem, and individual people who do racist things are part of that larger system. In light of this, ‘naming and shaming’ or singling out of individual people who are not public figures is discouraged.
  4. Part of our experience as Asian people in New Zealand involves a degree of frustration with the white-dominant culture. With the exception of generic ‘white people are trash’ type comments that have no context, expressions of frustration against the dominant white culture will not be considered discriminatory, since EquAsian is intended to be a space where it is safe to be angry at these injustices.

Diversity Within the Group

  1. Remember that this group is not for people who all share exactly the same experience. As such, take care not to assume that people are (for example) necessarily homosexual, or that everyone who identifies as a lesbian uses the same definition or is comfortable and uncomfortable with the same words being used to describe them.
  2. As an extension, be aware that some people are not ‘out’, and may prefer a name or pronoun/s that are not those used on their Facebook page.
  3. People who identify as Asian include people who are mixed-race or otherwise may not appear Asian from their profile pictures or names. As such, people are added to this group on trust. Contact a moderator if somebody’s behaviour may indicate that they do not actually belong in this group.
  4. Asia is a diverse continent and Asians in New Zealand include people who have lived in New Zealand for many generations and people who arrived last week. To ensure everybody feels comfortable, no nationalism or intra-Asia racism will be tolerated. Similarly, people with varying levels of English ability are invited to participate without fear of being shamed by grammar policing.
  5. People in this group, while united by one particular intersection of identities, may not hold the same views. This space is apolitical, both in terms of New Zealand and international politics. This space is also areligious. Persistent pushing of one religious or political viewpoint is not acceptable.